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Laurie Sztejnberg

Education Advisor

Laurie Sztejnberg is an education management leader who has over fifteen years of experience working to understand and improve the impact of social policies and reforms – almost always in domestic public education with the schools and districts that need the most help. Throughout these years, she has focused on how to increase student achievement and lifetime productivity and upward social mobility by improving equity and quality of access to opportunity. Her career accomplishments include experience launching new programs and improving existing ones. With both TNTP and McKinsey, she led ambitious efforts to craft school system strategic plans and create new programs to serve diverse teachers and students all while bringing an innovative lens to systemic problems. At MDRC and since, she managed large-scale research projects with multiple programmatic and funding partners to understand better how to improve programs and policies. Laura holds a BS in Chemistry from Duke University and masters’ degrees in public administration and education policy from New York University.