Greta Knutzen

Campaigns Director

Greta is a master negotiator and producer extraordinaire, who is often said to pull off the impossible. She oversees large-scale campaigns and productions with competing stakeholder dynamics — moving them from paralytic complexity to working in lockstep towards the same goal. Greta has been intimately involved in the campaign surrounding Racing Extinction, the Oscar-nominated documentary film, serving as executive producer for two unprecedented events that together garnered just shy of 5 billion impressions after projecting images of endangered species on the Empire State Building and Vatican. Greta is an Executive Producer for Obscura Digital. She previously spent 15 years producing documentary film and television for the world’s biggest broadcasters, including the Emmy award-winning, Sex Slaves for PBS Frontline, Manson for History Television, Gemini award-winning Mayday for the Discovery Channel. Greta is a Brit who has worked all over the world, and presently resides in New York City.