Diane Osgood

Innovation & Corporate Sustainability Director

A social-impact and innovation strategist, Diane has over twenty years of experience helping companies grow and embed social purpose and sustainability into every aspect of the organization. She has spearheaded innovation initiatives across a range of organizations, bringing purpose-led and designed products and services to markets around the world – from her work at DuPont where she pioneered their first product designed for consumers in the base of the pyramid, to her work with Donna Karan, launching the Soulful Economy, an initiative to excite consumers about products that provide fair livelihoods for artisans and workers in the supply chain. Until 2017, Diane was the Director of Business Innovation at Virgin Management Limited, where she worked with businesses across the Virgin portfolio to create value and new revenue opportunities by strategically embedding brand purpose and sustainability into operations. Diane also served as a Senior Advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative and as a member of BSR's executive team, where she co-led the organization's transformation during a period in which corporate responsibility was moving from the fringes into the mainstream for Fortune 500 companies. Diane has lived and worked in numerous countries, served on many NGO boards, and is a founding member of the Vatican Arts and Technology Council. Diane earned a doctorate in Environmental Economics and Development Studies at the London School of Economics (LSE).